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cflow2vcg.h File Reference

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#define CLASS_NULL   0
#define CLASS_INT   1
#define CLASS_EXT   2


void * rechercher_parmi_interne (int noeud)


int classe_inv
 Selection de la classe invisible. More...

Define Documentation

#define CLASS_EXT   2

Definition at line 22 of file cflow2vcg.h.

Referenced by main().

#define CLASS_INT   1

Definition at line 21 of file cflow2vcg.h.

Referenced by main().

#define CLASS_NULL   0

Definition at line 20 of file cflow2vcg.h.

Referenced by afficher_entete().

Function Documentation

void* rechercher_parmi_interne int    noeud

Definition at line 121 of file cflow2vcg.c.

References int_compare(), nb_noeud_int, and tab_noeud_int.

Referenced by afficher_arc().

Variable Documentation

int classe_inv  

Selection de la classe invisible.

Classe invisible

Definition at line 24 of file cflow2vcg.h.

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